V-Tabs supply electronic pull tab and charitable gaming machines.

If you are looking for fundraising ideas for your club or fraternity then electronic pull-tabs may provide the ideal solution. LuckyV-Tabs supplies electronic pull-tab charitable gaming machines to fraternities throughout the state of Virginia and we would be pleased to assist any organization seeking to raise additional funds.

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Bob Guest at Moose 1655 Fredricksburg has been with VTABS for two years. He wrote a letter to let us know how he had found the experience

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VTabs sponsored a neat program for us this month. If a member brought in a guest to the lodge to watch the Sunday football games with us, that guest could join and VTabs would pay for it! Wow what a great response we got. We signed up 9 new members in the first month! Thank you VTabs – what a great way to get new members!

The program has increased our membership and helps us to achieve our membership goal. Participation within the lodge has increased and so has the revenue generated to support both Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

Joe Roney
Williamsburg Moose 757

I want to thank all of you for being a great partner in our endeavour to help the veterans and community with the donations that we can give, with the money that is made on the 5 machines that we have in our Post home.

You have been so helpful to us whenever I called for help or information. You have been courteous and quick to solve any issues. We like your machines the best and as long as I am here we will stay with you. You have kept to your word about your machines and they are prospering, which makes our Post home prosper too.

Debra Holt
American Legion 2

“Since day one the service from V-Tabs has been outstanding. Even when there is a question or a problem they are always on it ASAP. And when our lodge was broken into last June and their machines were tore up, yhey were there to repair the machines so we could get back in operation. Not only did V-Tabs fix the games, V-Tabs assisted in upgrading our security system and gave us other ideas concerning security.

The machines themselves have attracted the member who doesn't normally play any type of gambling device or purchase any pull tabs. But they enjoy playing the different games. Yes it is also great for our bank account. We only have 3 machines, hopefully we can add more down the road.!”


“My Lodge has installed 5 of these electronic pull tab machines in our Social Quarters and the results have been amazing in regards to customer satisfaction… The profits in gaming we have realized are a definite kick in the bank account! Most important though, is the company’s service to me - the customer!”


"We love the machines! Wish we could have 5 more because they are making us good money. The customer service is great, we always get a quick and professional response."


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Major Cash American 7's Soldier Double Play Game Ace Character - Electronic Pull Tabs Brain Character - Electronic Pull Tabs Slugger Character - Electronic Pull Tabs Double Shot Game - Electronic Pull Tabs VTABS - Electronic Pull Tabs VTABS - Electronic Pull Tabs VTABS - Oil Rush Game VTABS - Oil Rush Tycoon

Oil Rush - New Game - Coming Soon!


VTABS first annual customer appreciation conference

On January 23rd VTABS held its 1st Annual Customer Appreciation Convention in Norfolk.

The purpose of this convention was not only to thank all our valued customers but to also look to the future – bringing new ways for our customers to meet the challenges they face.

During the convention we brought together a wide range of vendors offering special deals specifically tailored to our locations. Food and wine vendors like Shure Foods, Hogarths Pizza, The Williamsburg Winery and Republic. Entertainment suppliers Lancaster Bingo, TapTV and Direct TV were showing the latest developments to keep our locations customers amused.

Jim McIntire VTabs President said; “It’s an exciting time here for all of us at VTabs as we continue to grow, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive to our customers’ needs. This convention’s purpose is to bring to our customers not only the latest in electronic pull tabs but also to introduce vendors that can help their business and increase profitability.”

More than $10.0 Million for Clubs in Virginia!

Between February 2013, when VTabs introduced the first of their state of the art electronic pull tab machines, and July 2014, more than $10 Million has been generated for clubs in Virginia.

With dedicated staff, superior products and visually stunning games VTabs has become the largest provider of Electronic Pull tabs in the state.

By investing more money than any other manufacturer, VTabs has ensured each location has the best equipment and service available. We don’t use converted PC’s - we built and designed this product just for you!

We don’t sell other products but instead keep our focus on providing you a level of service and commitment in one area, your Electronic Pull Tab Machines.

Call us at +1 757 585 2404 to discuss how Electronic Pull-tabs can raise funds for your fraternity.

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Certificate of Recognition
VTABS makes contributions to many local fundraising efforts.

VTABS is always looking to help out with local fundraising and we are always grateful when our contribution is recognised. There are many stories from lodges where VTABS has helped out and you can read about them in our community news pages.

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North American Gaming Regulators Association
V-Tabs has been become an official member of NAGRA, the North American Gaming Regulators Association.

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